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Assholes linger

A design most horrid

Do we want the ones
Who do not want us?

The person you once shared the most intimate moments with
Now wants to see you suffer
Beyond all else.

Why is that good deeds go punished
like the whistle-blower
Left exposed
Hung out and shattered
Stripped of opportunity.

Why do we become stressed out?
When we need
More than anything
To remain calm.

Why do we continue to punish our bodies?
When we know the harm it brings.

Some bodies arrive with malfunctions
Perfectly coherent minds
Trapped within
Hellish frames.

Why are the ugly beautiful
And the beautiful so ugly?

Why are we rarely
Truly happy
When, for the most part
It’s all we seek?

Why does a child get cancer
And babies born with heart conditions?
When assholes linger like a rampant fungus
And thrive just as prominently.

‘I’m slipping down
But there’s nowhere to go’
Something many of us can relate to
Yet why is it
That when we are dispirited
People stay away?
As though they could catch
What we have.
They only want you when
You’re on top of the world
Or possess something
That they want.

We need a thorough overhaul
An evolutionary upgrade
100,000 years should see us right.

I wonder if we’ll make it.

They're everywhere I know, but I would love to hear an asshole story from you. Especially if the asshole got his or her comeuppance.

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  1. A colleague was being belligerent and after several days of insisting she was right and I was wrong, my boss told her off for behaving inappropriately and that I was right and she was wrong.

    Some people just ask for it. Don't they?

  2. I am really feeling this poem right now Anthony.

  3. Sounds like the author of the poem had my last week. I actually ended up trying my hand at poetry last week - yep, I was that depressed - and I was on my way to writing something similar. Really felt like giving up. It still wouldn't take much for me to fulfill that thought. Just as well I had a deadline to meet, and a person was very helpful in helping me meet it. Why do we continue to punish our bodies? When we know the harm it brings. Really rings home at the moment. I do know though why I am rarely truly happy, because I know too much. Ignorance is bliss. Why are the beautiful so ugly? Because they have not endured the struggle. And in answer to your ending question: will we make it? I doubt it very much. Anyway, your poem spoke to me. I don't know whether to feel happy or miserable that someone else appears to be in the same space.

  4. a great poem brother , very close to the heart. people gotta rise above their insecurities & imperfections . Arsesoles are aplenty that's why we are building more prisons. people are so different & that's why there will always be indifference & arseholes. gingerpappy

  5. I think you covered all of the relevant questions, in a beautiful manner too.
    I'm hoping to have an asshole-who-got-their-comeuppance story for you fairly soon, my friend.
    Love you,


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