Life goes around and around in more ways than one

3000 faces - Artist, O. 2011

The Track

A  Philosophical Video

If you got anything out of it, please share. Someone else may appreciate it too. (Or need it more than you!) 

Cheers and thanks for watching.

More poems, video work and other bits and pieces on the way. 


  1. Great video, great music. The words departed from the journey I thought they would take when you mentioned that sometimes people leave the track unexpectedly.

  2. Great footage, Anthony - looked very classic, as if from an old time movie. I'm especially thinking about the line "At some point you'll have to give it all up" (the material things). True. How much time we spend trying to amass possessions, but none of it really matters.

    Be well. Nicely done. xo

  3. Great video poem - words music and images working in absolute union


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