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Some things remain the same

New is one model, not better

The things we get used to
Like an actual conversation interrupted
To check the phone
A text takes precedence
Over interaction of face to face
Where constant communication
Is the only way.

When a movie takes far too long
Even ten minutes is an eternity
Where space for thought is erased
And things are missed
Like appointments
And tasks
And homework
There is no time to recall
If the brain is consistently occupied.

When close friends
Never without a texting word
Finally sit by side
And remain on the phone
In silence
Something meaningful is lost.

When schedules are shaken
Incompetency takes over.

When head space is non-existent
Then development is lax.

When addiction takes hold
Self-control is no more.

Immediacy comes at a price
If only they could comprehend
That no matter how the delivery
A true message
Merely takes few words.


  1. Great commentary on communication in today's world. So sad we seem to be losing the art of conversation not to mention the benefits of human interaction in person - nothing can beat truely being there for a friend and I am sorry but that is just not possible by text or im.

  2. We will try again. Years ago when mobiles were relatively new, I remember watching a couple having lunch together, the woman spent the whole meal on a mobile. I reckon the guy should have just got up and left. Recently I was in a waiting room, and of the dozen or so people there, I was the only one not fiddling with a mobile. And then there are the wankers specking into their ear phones as they walk. Walking is a great time to think. Like your poem says, I wonder when people take time to think. I think people spend too much time recording life rather than actually experiencing it.


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