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A couple's conundrum (video)

The Couple that Strays Together...

Louise Bourgeois's The Couple. Photograph: Ivar Kvaal

One for the show, One for the Money. 

Voiceover by Jack Peck.

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  1. Unfortunately, the video won't play. It keeps telling me to come back later.
    I do see a theme developing! I'll try it again in a while.

  2. Great piece like a very short film - well done great writing and vision that complements.

  3. all dark and mysterious, like relationships, especially if you drink too much. I like the line about it being a multifaceted dilemma. More of a story then a poem. A story to think about. You shouldn't be given stuff like this away for free, but then again it should attract people to your book of poetry, which the video very much reflects in tone and content.

  4. I was glued to my screen. That's a very seductive video. Great work, Anthony. It's the story of so many relationships.



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