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First time published in Romania.

File:Mamaia, Romania 001.jpg


Nazar Look

I have a poem, The past is only today - faded in Nazar Look - A Romanian magazine that is published in both English and Crimean Tatar. Apparently it is a Turkish language spoken by European Muslims. So my poem is in two languages.

You can download it here.

The magazine is published in Constanta, a city of 390,000 on the Black Sea coast. It is one of the largest ports in Europe and was severely bombed by the Allies in WW II.

File:Constanta Panorama.jpg

Please swing by.

I keep promising that video poem, One for the Show, and so, to maintain consistency, promise it again for next week.



  1. Professional looking website magazine. Did you get paid in Leu? Interesting poem. About trying to live in the past I gather.

  2. Cheers Graham - I got paid with the 'exposure.' ;) Interpretations are all valid - not for me to say.

  3. Wow published in more than one language....looking good!

  4. So you were paid with exposure in lieu of leu (Leu is the name of the Romanian currency).


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