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Let me believe in tiny fortunes


My video poem This tiny fortune has been accepted by Otoliths, an Australian based online magazine. It is live now in Issue 29. There is a variety of material for your perusal. It's quite comprehensive.






Here is a poem I wrote in March of 2012. 



Let me believe

When they offer you a glimpse into fantasy
It’s a very alluring proposition
One which you are eager to pursue
As we want to believe
Because belief is tantalizing
Belief is security  
Belief is the possibility of dreams made tangible.

Yet conviction is security
And we can hardly fathom
That we could be deceived…
That an individual
Would go to so much effort
To present an illusion.

And yet some people
Are not us
And we are hurt
Like children
And dismayed
In the knowledge
That greed can be manifested
So strongly
And wholly
More than dreams.

So don’t ask us to sing the national anthem
When some don’t rejoice at all.
As we are not unified
Only when we find a common enemy
And even then

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More news of my soon to be published poetry collection Caged Without Walls.

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  1. Congratulations on your video poem, Anthony.

    And this one leaves me nodding; it's so true, and eloquent as always.


  2. Love this & congratulations!

  3. I liked the imagines in your video - haven't I seen those caterpillars before? Not that wordy. A featureless cloud and the words poetry unfinished - like that. Like the written poem. The common enemy at the moment is middle class versus the poor, so we hopefully forget about the greedy rich bastards who want us to stand around singing the National Anthem.

  4. Fantastic Tony and so perfectly put. The last paragraph was hard hitting and very true, as a nation and as a planet, we unite over terror, sadness and horror. It's not a good way to live but as our global thinking continues in this way , which it will, as to create power through fear, the fighting, greed and misfortune will be repeated over and over.


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