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Work published at Foliate Oak.

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I have a poem and two video poems up at Foliate Oak Literary Magazine. (Now defunct) My understanding is that it will remain there for the month of March, 2013 and hopefully archived after that. Apparently 1000 people checked out the issue on its first day. Very exciting!

The poem is called Enough. It's the first time it has appeared anywhere.

The video poems are The Final Result (first placed online in August 2012) and Her Teenage Universe, (Oct. 11). 

Video poems now here; The Final Result followed by Her Teenage Universe

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Hope you'll drop by and share it via your social media and perhaps check out the work of the other contributors. There's a solid mix there.


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  1. I liked Enough. We all get one of those days/weeks/months/year!

  2. It's all very nice, Anthony. Your work always speaks to me - whatever the form. And I'm not tired of your voice. =) CONGRATULATIONS on more publications!


  3. I saw some parallels in the first video poem and Enough. One thing for sure, none of us gets out of here with everything said and done. I guess it just easier to live and suffer the consequences (good and bad), just like we all do.

    I can sure relate to the second video poem. We raised four daughters and one son. The crap that girls put each other through is amazing. That goodness we at one son! He was the last one and they are so much easier to raise. So much less drama.


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