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This can't wait - Band Solkyri


I had some footage left over from a trip up the North Coast which I had utilized in the video for She's Adorable . I was very happy with how it turned out so I went back and pulled some more footage I had shot over the past six months and put this video together.

I contacted the band to see if they didn't mind. They didn't (as there wasn't a video for that song) and so here it is.

It's from their first E.P. No House. Their debut album, 'Are you my brother?' is being released in May 2013.

You can find them on Facebook

I was pretty happy with how it turned out. In a way, it's a sister video to the one by Deepfieldview and I made them very close together. I like the idea of instrumentals and nature working together, as though separate from human beings entirely. There's something organic about it. Anyway, I hope you like it.
Feedback (for myself or the band) is always welcome.

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  1. Hi Anthony! The video won't work for me, but I'll try it again in a while. That seems to happen to me a lot...

  2. Very nice and dramatic, Anthony. I like all the glimpses of the sun and sun's rays. It works well with the music. I REALLY want to visit Australia now.


  3. Thanks alot guys. I enjoyed making it. Yes, come on down Robyn! x


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