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Publications of 2012

This is the list of my works that were published and/or accepted for publication in 2012. 

I can't promise the same amount in 2013 as I hope to divert my time into a new novel. Submissions take a lot of time. It's a shame as I have a lot of work just sitting on my computer. That being said, I do have a poetry book coming out this, Caged Without Walls, through Ginninderra Press.

I also wrote 211 poems for the year, which is a lot for me. I may experiment more with form this year. The work I've been doing lately seems to be different. If I do start on a novel, I'll have to scale back on the poetry. However I do hope to present a few more video poems. I have a couple ready to go. Let's see what eventuates.


Korean Dogwood by Lisa Shea

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2012 publications


Do the Bus Stop – Backhand stories
Sky Boy – Kids Magination
City of Great Large – Wilderness House Literary Review

In the Reaching  - Atomic publishing
The Depths of Delusion – The Curbstone Collective
Me old mate - Crack the Spine
Musings in a park – Eunoia Review
A Proximate Echo -  Speed Poets
Quiet Herself – Ink, sweat and tears
Stock take – The Rusty Nail
Waiting for the Symphony – Mused, BellaOnline
The Trade off – SpeedPoets
Us and them and the things in-between – Citizens for Decent Literature
Roundabouts – Citizens for Decent Literature

Video Poem:
Malignity - Marco Polo Arts Mag


  1. A fairly productive year. With a great Novella in the Bottomless River obviously being the highlight. I hope 2013 brings more success.

    1. Cheers Graham. It was a good year. If only I could get those novels published. Same to you my friend.

  2. Wow! A very busy year. Congratulations Anthony...

  3. well done! hope 2013 is a productive and inspiring year as well

  4. Great work Anthony! As the old saying goes 'hard work pays off'!

  5. That's an inspiring list, my friend.

    Yeah, submissions take a lot of time and, moreover, energy/emotion. It's challenging to both write and submit. You manage it all very well, and your success will most certainly continue.



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