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City of Great Large

My quasi-experimental story City of Great Large is now online at Wilderness House Literary Review. It is the Twenty eighth issue (Volume 7, no 4). You can download the story as a PDF and read it when it suits you.

The first draft was written in 2007 while I was in China. I was in a courtyard of a temple similar to this one, (I can't remember which one as I went to so many), and feeling inspired, sat on the edge of the concrete and scribbled away. 

Travelling had been difficult in terms of language. Very few spoke English and even then it was fractured, but in its own way, quite creative and unique. The story features this fractured English.

(also available to read free on my site below)

The story is quite simple, deliberately so, as the style might be difficult to read for some. A young man is forced to travel to the City to look for work, a very common practice in China and perhaps everywhere. It's not a long story so I hope you'll download it and give it a go.



  1. Congratulations (again), Anthony. I'm sure it's a great, fascinating story. If/when-ever I get a kindle (I'm just not ready to purchase or - moreover - figure out how to use one), I'll download it. Thanks.

    China looks incredibly beautiful in all the photos I've seen, including these.

    Be well.

    1. Thanks a lot Robyn. It's not very long, so you can probably read it on a computer if you wish.

      China is very beautiful in places, big and ugly in many others. There were many beautiful temples, but these more closely represent the one I was in that day.

  2. Congrats! I'll be checking it...


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