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Best Songs of 2012 - #19 - Paradise

This will be last in the series. Seems like a nice dreamy song to go out on.
Jack Tatum. Photo by Shawn Brackbill


Wild Nothing - Paradise

Wild Nothing formed in 2009 and so far have released two albums and an EP. They are a five piece, though Jack Tatum created the band and added members for touring. In other words, he is the principal creator of the music. He had other bands before Wild Nothing but this time, the twenty three year old is garnering some recognition.

Yes, that is actor Michelle Williams in the clip. The song is like a dream of a plane trip to an imagined country in 1988. It's very much in the eighties mould. This song definitly grows on you. They have been labeled as an indie dream/pop band. Personally I think there are far too many ridiculous labels for bands these days. I just purchased the album so I'm hoping it will hold up. It's been getting very good reviews. So far, so good.

Photo - Daniel McMahon

Other songs I enjoyed that could have made the list were:

Freelance whales - spitting image
Fujiya & Miyagi - Your Silent Face
Blonds - Time
Galleries - Young Wounds
Dry The River - Weights & Measures
Jason Karaban – Misplaced
Ivan & Alyosha – All The Times We Had
Two Door Cinema Club - The World Is Watching
Alberta Cross -magnolia
Angus Stone - Broken Brights
Beni - Last Night
A Fine Frenzy - Now Is The Start

and a couple from 2011 I didn't discover until 2012:

Butterfly Explosion - Sophia
Flume - Sleepless

I hope you enjoyed the series.


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