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Published Poem - Peaks and Troughs

So bored she yawned twice.

 At the risk of potentially biting the hand that feeds, I wrote this poem after a period of rejections and frustration. Ironically, after I submitted it, I received a flood of acceptances. Still, the academics aren't too keen on my work so I stand by the poem. Here it is.

 Peaks & Troughs

a non so subtle dig at academic poetry

 at Gloom Cupboard now

Coming soon,
A brand new video poem.

Until then,

Keep smiling.


  1. Excellent, Anthony. I especially like the paranthesized comment about balls, and the last stanza.

    Congratulations on seeing your work in print again. I'm happy for you.

  2. Academics don't like anything they didn't create. If they really could create, they wouldn't be academics. We (the unwashed horde) like what you do and that is what matters. It may not make you any money though...

    1. Cheers Pat. That's a great point. Very true. No money is fine with me.


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