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No more depressing poetry - Take it Outside

Kafka is trying to say that life is no pissing contest. Oh hang on. Maybe it is?

Kafka Museum - Czech Republic


Yes, you read it right, there will be no more deep and meaningful poetry (as much as I can manage).  
The catch is, this option only applies until Christmas.  It is the jolly season afterall.


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Take it Outside

A man should piss outside
More often than he does
It is natural
As though connecting with nature
On a personal level
You and me
And me
With all of this
Fluid into the Earth
The breeze and radiant stars
Into the body
The mind is clear
Clearer, it seems
Than it’s ever been.

And there’s barely a thought
(Other than the ones that tick on beyond control)
There is a sense of being
Of deep, internal peace
Synchronise with the external
It is Harmony.

A man should piss outside.
As for women, well I can't speak for them, but happy to hear their perspective. ;)

Hope you enjoyed the change in pace, as much as I did.

Expect another 'light' poem or two soon.

Until then,
Take care


  1. I'm all for the nature wee, as long as you take it a looooong way outside. I've been to many an outside "pisser's" house, the garden stinks and it's annoying when they just flop it out mid conversation, talking to you over their shoulder. Natural maybe... but not attractive

  2. It's a bit like marking your territory really.

    Your poem immediately reminded me of my father when he had dementia, he used to wander outside at all times of day and night and urinate in both the back and front yard. We worried about people seeing him. He had a bladder infection at the time.

  3. Only you could make a lovely, prolific poem out of piss, Anthony.



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