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Video poem - Serrated, are the lies

Forgiveness is rarely sought by the guilty.

(If you can't see the video above, find it HERE)


This poem was written purely as a straight poem towards the beginning of 2012. In May I came across submission guidelines for an audio poem through Overland (wankers). I made an audio version of this poem and another one, City, heat over water. Though the content is the same, I narrated it. The backing soundtrack was also very different to what appears here.

Unfortunately it was rejected. So was the other one.

I submitted it to two other publications as a straight poem. You can guess it's fate. There are many reasons for rejection. Not suitable for the publication, the wrong style, etc. And I'm not yet a name so the unknowns are the first to go. Personally I think it has merit but didn't want to subject it to the usual turnstile of submitting.  It doesn't mean I gave up. I have dozens of poems out at the moment, including the other one I mentioned. For some reason I wanted to make a video poem out of it. So here it is. 

(By the way, Pinocchio was the first film I ever saw at the cinema. Needless to say, it wasn't first run or second or third, but it did make me a little scared of lying). (As I type this, my two year old is watching Ponyo, a Japanese updated version of Pinocchio. What does it all mean?)

Coming soon,

A short story, Two men
An addition to the series Greatest Written Films
An essay on Show vs Tell in Fiction
and of course, more poetry. 

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  1. Wow! loved it. Perfect marriage of words, vision and audio, the crescendo of sound against the dark, mysterious vision added rising, breathing emotion. Wonderful, powerful writing.

    Great as always Tony.

    Sal xx

    1. Thank you Sally. Your support is appreciated as always.

  2. It reminded me about the current state of politics at the Federal level - except for the optimism expressed at the end. I loved the line: You cannot rise from the ashes if the coals glint and burn. That goes for the one lying and the one being lied too. Federal politics has crashed and burned in my opinion. And if I was to express online my thoughts about what should be done about it, I would probably have ASIO on my doorstep.

  3. Nicely picked up Graham. The mere mention of ASIO probably sparks a tracker. They've already checked you out. lol - What the hell, go for it. Our pollys are a joke. But so are most of them. End of the day, they're all politicians, so I dont know why people expect more from 'a new lot'.


  4. All of your work has merit, Anthony. Don't be fooled by rejections from folks who don't know how to write a decent letter of rejection.

    This piece is very powerful and thought provoking. In Judaism, we have a full 10 days (the New Year's period) during which to sincerely atone for our sins and seek forgiveness from those we've wronged.

    Most often, an apology only means "I'm sorry I got caught. Get over it. I said 'sorry'!"


    1. haha thank you Robyn. That's very true. It's hard to get a genuine apology from anyone.

  5. If I didn't know better, you started your poem using the film "Knowing" sound effects - I'm just saying, lol.

    I get where you were going with this poem, and I cannot express enough that often times, using simple words can have a bigger impact on what you are trying to conveyed.

    We all know you're a wordsmith Anthony. You need not try to prove this to the reader of your poems or stories.

    Otherwise, it is different and interesting at the same time. Good work Anthony. :)


    1. Thanks for all your thoughts Gina. I have seen Knowing, but I cant rmemeber it. I dont use any copyrighted material otherwise youtube won't let me upload, so I get all original effects.
      I appreciate your comments. Thanks.


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