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Poem - Spirit Sounds

Spirit sounds

The music begins to play
And I die inside

I’m outside myself
Higher than ever before
And that’s how it once felt
When an emotional song
Made me soar in the dark
And weep in the light.

Isn’t that a good thing
to saviour a simple and brief moment
with intensity
and it affects me now
just as much as twenty years ago
or maybe not
as it's blurred through the layers.

I'm thankful anyway
As no one likes to know it’s over
And unlike before
When I dreamt of brighter tomorrows
I’ll be happy enough with a tomorrow.

Next post,
A video poem, serrated are the liesa more experimental piece, at least in terms of video production and the second last video for 2012.

Coming in November, a new short story, Two men and a half dog, based loosely, but poignantly on a real event.

Until then, 
take care

and I don't mean that in a flippant way
there's enough disingenuity out there already


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  1. Straight to the point, very poignant and human.
    I especially love these lines:

    Made me soar in the dark
    And weep in the light.

    Another wonderful poem, my wonderful friend.

  2. Beautiful Anthony. Thank you.

    Early Bird

  3. Great poem captures the feelings those of us who have reached the point we are just pleased to have a tomorrow beautifully

  4. Absolutely beautiful Tony. This is your writing style that I love the most, I can feel it beating through me. Every paragraph is poignant but none as much as the last. Thank you for capturing such precious memories with us that we all have.

    Take care - and I don't mean that flippantly xx

  5. Very nice Anthony! I'm glad I've gotten to point where I appreciate every day. Every normal and average day...

  6. Thank you dear friends. I'm glad it found some resonance.


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