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Best songs of 2012 #1

I’m passionate about film and music, call it an obsession, and yet you wouldn’t know it with my blog. You would of course know that I am a writer, a poet and that I make videos. I’m a father and step-father too and it encompasses my every day, particularly with my two year old Tilly, who I look after pretty much full-time. I could easily blog about her and other family issues as there are a lot of women doing it, mummy bloggers as they are called (terminology which they apparently hate). I’m sure there is space for the male point of view and perhaps I should but I want to maintain the focus on my writing. Even I have to admit though, that posting a poem a week isn’t enough. I need to diversify.

Tilly in dad's shirt.

This week I posted a video on my Facebook page, denigrating the current craze of Gangam Style. I have no problem with the occasional bit of frivolous fun but the popularity of this piece of dorky finicky fluff makes my skin boil. At the time of writing it’s over half a billion views. Yep, 530 million different pc’s have viewed this inane twaddle. It shits me. Okay? I’ve said it. And I said it on Facebook.

Someone disagreed with me, calling me judgemental. Perhaps that’s true, yet so many decent bands and songs are overlooked by the populace who are obsessed with trite rubbish. 50 Shades of Grey anyone? Where is the justice? I said as much in my response. I was also accused of not listening to new music, as though that was the only reason I didn’t like it. I took offence to that as I’m more modern than most people my age, including my teenage step-kids. It’s not a try-hard fallacy; it’s the way I am. I’ve always been interested in popular culture, whether it is music or film yet I’m still discerning. It wasn’t a conscious decision but my interest never changed as I got older. I still seek out new music. I’m a creative person and I need that fresh stimulus. Some say no input, no output. It’s all linked together somehow. It’s best not to analyse it too much.

I also hear from older people that there is no good music anymore. I agree that there is a lot of crap around, especially in the past decade or so. Yet decent music is still out there, you just have to invest a bit of time searching.

So between now and the end of 2012 I’ll be posting some of the tracks released this year that I enjoyed. I like varying styles as you will see. There is no order and some songs weren’t available on youtube. I’ll try and keep to about ten. This will be in addition to my normal weekly posts. 

My Head is an Animal

Of Monsters and Men are a new band from Iceland. Their debut album is brilliant. Every track is a winner. It would make a great Christmas present. For you!

The poems, video poems, stories and film reviews will continue. But expect something new every now and then. It’s time for a shakedown.

Next post is a new short story I promised, Two men and a half dog.


  1. That photo's adorable.

    Some people are always looking to argue. It's YOUR opinion on YOUR facebook page, damnit. If they don't like it, they can move on and read 50 Shades.

    I've always got your back, my friend.

  2. Youre a legend and a true friend Robyn. xo


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