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Published Poem - The Depths of Delusion...

My poem, The Depths of Delusion is up now at The Curbstone Collective.
It will be on the front page for 5 days, then will be archived. Here is the direct link.

No guessing what the subject matter is.

(This poem is now available in the Book Caged Without Walls)

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I hope you like it. Please share.

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  1. Hi Anthony,
    I didn't comment there because it seems I need to subscribe to the site. (? not sure, but it's easier this way.) Your piece is very prolific. I really like it and want to re-read; there's so much depth to your words. My favorite lines: "It is only the not knowing Which mystifies us most." Very nice!

    Keep enjoying seeing your name in print!

  2. Hi Anthony,

    is the first line really meant to be "We are not resting out bones" or should that be "our" bones?


  3. Fantastic words and photos!
    Multi-talented is what you are...

  4. Just read Depths of Delusion again - this time it clicked. I am an atheist, but when I go and visit my fathers's grave I find myself hoping that he wound up in his heaven. I clicked on like, but they wanted me to sign up to wordpress.

    1. Cheers Graham - not worth signing up for a Like.. but thanks.. Don't know why they don't allow comments...

      Sorry to hear about your father.. hard to say goodbye, guess that's what makes religion so attractive... I also have conflicting beliefs at times...


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