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Bus Stop at the Atomic

Happy Face....  sure... but there?

This month I have two items published elsewhere online and a third coming in a couple of weeks.

The first, a flash fiction, Do the Bus Stop over at Backhand Stories, which has already had a terrific response. You can leave a comment there which assists in lifting my profile. I would appreciate it.

I also have a poem up at Atomic Publishing. It's called In the Reaching. It will be there for the month of February. After that it will be removed.

I've been making many submissions lately, for online publications, as many are turning away from expensive print and its a great way to reach people. Hopefully I'll have more publications/links to present to you as the year goes on.

Coming in March, a special four part series, A Writer’s Frustration – Ideas to get Published. It's a little flippant but the odds of getting a novel legitimately published is so crazy that sometimes, you just have to laugh. Okay, so it's more than flippant. But what the hell... 

Or if you can't laugh, have a good long sob but just don't snot on your work.

(Plenty of work available for free at...)

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  1. Oops, I should've read that comment about snotting on my work years ago. I guess it's never too late.

    Keep going, Anthony. You know I'll be here cheering you on!

    PS Yeah, that smiley yellow eyeball is kind of creepy.


  2. Definitely creepy.. lol...
    Thanks Robyn.. !


  3. I enjoyed the short story, the twist made me laugh. Probably says something about what I thought of show-offs when I was a kid.

    The poem, I've read it twice, not sure what it all means. I am not a great ponderer of poetry.

    1. Cheers Graham - never been one for show-offs either.
      The poem is an old one, more traditional poetry I suppose, whatever that means....the last few years, a lot more accessible..

  4. Oh, and keep up the output. Hope you have more success.

  5. Very good Anthony! In tenth grade, I walked to school each day. I had to pass a bus stop where a girl very much like yours waited for her bus. She was on display and knew it. I can still smell her perfume...

    1. Cheers Pat. Memory is quite bizarre in how specific it can be.. and more important events, for me at least, are blurred, if not erased... hmmm..


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