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Video Poem - The Internal Life

Melbourne, Australia

Structured lives
Within structures
For one
A day passes without meaning
For another
A day never to forget....

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Normally I write the poem first and then go out and shoot the vision. But in this case, while staying in Melbourne for a couple of weeks, I shot the vision, with the thought in mind that I would write a poem about Inner City Living.

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  1. Brilliant! the footage added so much to your words, reminding me of a life I once knew and aspired to. "A network of modern day caves" was startling and true. I felt sufficated watching that, so pleased I've escaped this environment. You expressed the different lives of people so beautifully and I liked the connection between building and the lives that are yet to unfold there, before being replaced by another. You're very perceptive.

  2. This one's the perfect combination of voice, imagery, and poetry. It all melds so nicely into a very deep, intriguing piece, Anthony. I agree with Sally, it's brilliant.

  3. Mesmeizing video, Anthony. I think Rawknrobyn nailed it when she said the voice, imagery & poetry melded together in a perfect combination.

    The images of people packed in buildings ontop of each other like sardines made me feel claustraphobic. LOL!! I prefer wide open spaces outside & inside!! :D

    Excellent video poem!!

  4. Thank you Sally, Robyn, and anon. I appreciate you taking the time to watch and to leave a comment.

    I enjoyed making this one, as I live in a house so it's removed from my experience, though I have lived in units before. I pity the families that are crammed into some of these boxes, though the view is interesting..

  5. Hi Anthony.

    It's an interesting connection that you pose between the structures of buildings and man. This is the society in which we - the human race, created. One in which the "structures" of; business, transactions, social and family life, etc., all blend in as one.

    The visuals you presented of Melbourne is a fine example of the overall structures that we've become accustomed to on this Earth. It is claustrophobic, it is constrained by boundaries, by laws, by city rules and above all by stress. One cannot escape it, until death invites us in.

    As I listened to this, the effect was foreboding, embraced by a combination of sounds and visuals.

    A great effort Anthony!

    Where on earth do you find the time to do all this unpaid work?

    Gina :)

  6. Thank you Gina for your analysis and observations. I appreciate it.
    Time, yes it's difficult. Though once I begin on something, I get a little fixated.
    I'm not working on a novel at the moment, so I imagine, when my daughter is a little older and I start writing longer work, the stories, videos etc will have to take a back seat.

    Thanks for commenting Gina!



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