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Two poems accepted


Just a quick update to say that I have two poems that will be published in online literary zines during February. I'll link to them when they're up.

Many literary publications have moved away from print. This makes sense as it's cheaper for them to produce and readers don't have to pay. This makes the writer's work more accessible. Some of the older zines are still doing both print and e-versions and let's face it, writers like to see their work in print, but there are quite a few new sites that are flourishing because the work is so accessible. It also means people are submitting like never before so it's quite competitive. 

I've been busy with submissions of late, so hopefully 2012 will see a few stories and poems getting out there. That's where they belong.

My video poem This Internal Life up very soon.



  1. Great to hear that Anthony! My own projects have really slowed down. Had an encounter with a client who had me write a bunch of articles and then didn't pay up after work was submitted. :-( There are so many scams going on now I got quite disheartened feeling I was taken advantage of and became reclusive, but hearing things have been working out for you gives me hope. Thanks :-)

  2. Thank you Karen and nadeemalim... and sorry to hear your bad news... there are some awful people about.. but many more good ones... I hope you bounce back .... I have no doubt that you will.


  3. Congrats to you Anthony! Fantastic...

  4. Really happy for yout Tony. I can only imagine how difficult it is to get published.


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