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Crack the Spine

I'm very excited to have another poem published online this month.

It's called Me Old Mate and will be in Issue Thirteen of Crack the Spine. It will be up around the 26th of February... so keep an eye out on their main page...

Crack the Spine.

They introduce the writers a few days prior, which is nice and respectful, I like the idea. There's quite an ecletic mix of writers from all over. I'm obviously in there too so drop by and take a look. You can see it right here. I haven't seen the issue, so looking forward to, not just my own work, but the others too.

As for what's the poem about... Well, it's no mystery but I'd rather let you investigate it in your own way.

See you next time.


  1. Will dropby. The picture is spooky but beautiful. It is a path I would like to explore with a group of people :)

  2. Congratulations! I'll be waiting on crack the spine (a rather painful but clever title).

    Be well and enjoy your new home, however long the unpacking takes.

  3. I will certainly go check it out Anthony.
    I LOVE that photo...

  4. I'm back! Loved it Anthony! Not only a great poem, but so true as well.

  5. Thanks so much guys.. the poem is up... Cheers Patty....



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