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A beginning beckons

Tunnel of Love - Ukraine. Photo by Oleg Gordienko

Hi and Happy New Year.

I just wanted to begin the year by saying thank you to those who drop regularly, and to those who don't, well I hope you drop by more often. I try to post once a week. Family, work and my own creative writing and video projects prevent me from committing to more than that, especially as I try to post original content, such as poetry, short stories, film reviews etc, though I know many people put in a lot of work to traditional blogging, whatever that is.

So what I want to ask is this; what would you like to see here more or less of this year?  I like posting poetry as it's short, doesn't demand a lot from the reader and expresses my creativity. Yet, I'm open to ideas.

As it happens, I just received proofs of my novella, BOTTOMLESS RIVER, which is very exciting. Apart from a few poems and stories, this will be my first official publication. Let's hope this is the beginning of a career of sorts, though the industry is in a spin right now, so it's tough out there. I hope you'll follow me on my journey, (hence the top photograph).

I also hope you're doing well, in your projects, hobbies, relationships and that life is treating you good as it can be the opposite and if so, that this is a year of change, and excitement and love and happiness for us all.

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  1. What a really stunning photo! :)

    I have to say, I would love, love, love to see more of your short stories! And of course the poetry. :) Congrats and best wishes with your novella! I absolutely cannot wait to read it. Do announce where we can get it when it's published though! If you happen to sell an E-reader version, I'd so buy it too!

    Best wishes,

  2. I enjoy your blog, and I am envious of the amount of original content you put up. I figure it can't leave much time for the novel or other writing projects.

    Not many bloggers do original content, most just comment and put up links. Many writing blogs try to instruct on writing. I am not a real fan of them because there's so much junk on writing on the web if you want to look for it yourself. A lot of blogs are overly cheery too, I prefer blogs were the writer shares there frustrations and occasionally strikes out at the world.

    I am not a great fan of poetry, with little patience to re-read stuff which I didn't get the first time round. But I have enjoyed some of your poems.

    How about an extended version of your short film.

    More short stories - sure, but have you got the time to write them.

    I am sure you will let us all know when your novella is out. I gather it is a print version, I look forward to reading it.


  3. Hey Anthony -Happy New Year to you too! Looks like it is up on a good start for you and for many others too.

    I enjoy reading short stories. Poems I don't mind, but not a fan. Never really got into them.

    I hope your novella goes out on iBooks or something like that. I'm going electronic this year. Although, I still do enjoy the hard copy. Thing is, as I'm not a hoarder of things and the like, I tend to give most of my stuff away after I'm done with it.

    Wishing you all the success you hope for in 2012. May it be prosperous too!

    Gina :)

  4. I'll all for more of your poetry, Anthony.
    Those photos, and all the ones you post, are great too.

    CONGRATULATIONS on getting the proofs back. 2012's going to be your year as a writer!

    PS Regarding my project, I'm off to a good start and am about 1/4 or 1/3 into draft one.

    Hugs from me and Dr. Phil. I said hugs from me and Dr. Phil. =-)

  5. Happy New Year Tony! I have really enjoyed your blog. I like your poems and short stories. Not as keen on the movie reviews. I also really enjoy the art work you choose to accompany your works, this current one in particular.

    You are very honest in your writing. It's great to hear your ups and downs, of course I always prefer your ups. I enjoy being on the journey with you.

    Here's to a fantastic 2012 xx

  6. Top marks for the originality of your work. And the variety. Following along faithfully! :)))))

  7. Congratulations and I look forward to reading it. Just tell me where to find it.
    I don't have a ton of time either these days, so if you post everyday, I'll have to play catch up (like I do now). You should just do what fits into your life the best. I'll be here either way! Have a great day Anthony!

  8. Thank you all.. I did leave an earlier reply.. not sure what happened there.. Must have got spammed by own blog!

    You've been such a great support throughout the past. It really does keep me going. I hope it continues. Thank you!



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