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Poem - A Little Big Destiny

 A Little Big Destiny

Something big is going to happen
Can you sense it?
It’s not like the approach of a storm
As the common metaphor describes
As it is not determined
Whether it is a negative
Or indeed a positive
It is merely a shape in the shadows
Yet to reveal its form.

But when that feeling arrives
It overcomes you
But you know it is always right.
That time is Now.

Some may call it intuition.
Others a power
Or whispers from beyond
But why call it anything
when its identity is unknown?
Only that it’s coming
And nothing will ever be
Quite the same again.

It’s in the stream
Where memory drifts
Like a song from the past.
It’s in the future
Like the whisper of a promise
A forlorn kind of bliss
An expectant tense charge
From the illumination of change.

Whose life it will affect
Is too early to decipher.
Only that it cannot be prevented.
Or ever undone.

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  1. Oh Anthony, that is so Unbelievably Real for me at this moment. I love the way you often speak to and read my innermost thoughts. You have such a depth and insightfulness into the human psyche and express it so well.

  2. Something big is going to happen. Can you sense it?

    This is a great opening line, Anthony. The whole poem is filled with a sense of something big is coming, yet it is unknown.

    Initially it is easy to think that "something big is going to happen" to the world at large. In fact it is not the world at large that "something big is going to happen" to, but more toward an individual or two "Whose life it will affect?"

    Within this entry there is a linear direction toward the unknown, yet it isn't really unknown, is it?

    "Like a song from the past. It’s in the future."

    A song from the past. This is reminiscent of something coming that is big that has already happened in the past. Like a record being replayed.

    What was it that happened then, that is about to happen again? You've told us. It is in the "illumination of change."

    Changes are a coming Anthony. Brace yourself - hee hee...

    Gina :)

    Merry Christmas Anthony. May the whisper of change that comes your way, be a positive one for you and your family. x

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments. It really means a lot to me.

    I appreciate the time you take too.


  4. Yet another tasteful, thoughtful poem. I love poems and your poems are always good! Always REAL!

    Great work Anthony.


  5. Lovely pictures too.
    Oh AND Merry Christmas! :)

  6. This is really thought provoking and takes my mind in all sorts of directions. In other words, it's one of my favorite poems of yours. The photos are great too.

    Be well, dear friend.
    Blessings to you and yours.

    PS Thanks for getting my sexual innuendos in a recent post. Nobody else did. =)

  7. Sexual inneuendos are my forte. lol..
    Second only to poetry of course.

    Glad you liked it Robyn.
    Thank you.


  8. I live in California and a lot of people are getting this feeling about the next earthquake hit! Of course hearing a lot of global predictions for December 2012 as well. Would be interesting if the next big thing to occur is discovery of aliens.

  9. This poem is dangerous for anyone who has an overactive imagation, like me! :)

  10. nadeemalim - the sky is the limit.. literally


    Thanks for dropping by Ms. Golden!

  11. Very good and also, very thought provoking! As I said....multi-talented!


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