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Facebook represents all that is bland in the world.

Facebook = bland = new world language.

You know it's all over when Darth Vader's online.

Facebook represents all that is bland in the world.

More than that, it represents the undeniable fact that the western world, soon to be the entire world, has become homogenised. Slowly, we have abandoned culture to embrace communication. And lost our identity in the process.

Go to any Western country now, and discover that there isn’t anything new to discover. Only the scenery is different. See how things used to be. Countries have to promote past traditions in order to entice tourism, when we all know that it’s an exaggerated front. The Austrians aren’t really wearing long white socks, yodelling and doing a jig on a mountain top. 

The Hills aren't this Alive.

The Dutch don’t really wear clogs. The Kiwi's aren't really shagging sheep (despite some evidence to the contrary). The Scots aren't all wearing kilts and demolishing black puddings by the Loch Ness monster load. You can get a burger and chips anywhere. And Aussies don’t throw shrimps on the barby. (We call them prawns for a start and would much rather fry up a snag (sausage) ).

Good on ya Paul!

Even accents are becoming pale. A generic language and culture that we can all understand.
It’s great that we’re all getting along, but at what price?
Over to you.

Run Forrest, Run!

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  1. ummmm.... I don't think I feel the same as you on this one. I don't think we've abandoned culture in place of communication and I certainly don't think Facebook is bland or responsible for this. Cultures change, that is for certain, and were doing so long before globalisation. I think more communication is beneficial. Facebook has opened up more worlds than I ever imagined. And at a time when depression and isolation is rife, being connected to others if you want it at any time of day or not can be a comfort not offered to generations before us. We are creating a new culture, a global culture which was inevitable. in a lot of ways, the more we are connected as one planet the better, who knows, one day we may even act as one planet together instead of fighting each other and our environment constantly.

  2. Movies, books, radio, television, ships full of missionaries, all forms of communication do lead to some sort of homogenisation. But their are lots of groups of the web, lots of groups on facebook, lots of diverse opinions. Lots of wonderfully ignorant people, even though they have access to so much information.

    The real problem with the web will come, in the not too distant future, when people really realise 90% of what is on it is bullshit. Too bad there won't be any newspapers around to try and sort out the bullshit for them. The world will reach a stage where everyone has their own totally ill-informed opinion on everything. We will all become Pauline Hansons or Barnaby Joyces.

  3. Great line about the Kiwi's. I'd hate to see the evidence.

    I agree. Thanks to the blogosphere, diversity is still there.

  4. For someone who is on facebook everyday, I liked this post. Possibly though because the geographer in me is having to agree somewhat on the homogenisation. Kind of sad! :(
    But I'd say facebook is possibly the result not necessarily the cause. (but I guess you never really said that haha!)

  5. I don't think I blame Facebook on this one. I blame capitalism, globalisation, consumerism and all the -isms in this world. Possibly, technology does accelerate the spread of the -isms. It does not help that today's lifestyle does not allow time for one to stop and think about all the things that used to matter.

  6. Social media (such as Facebook et al) is a great window (no pun intended here) into the lives of others, on how they live their life, how they go about every day business.

    It is true that communication has been embraced more so now than ever before. I don't believe that because of it "culture" has taken a back step. In fact, because of communication we have a better understanding of other cultures. Because of communication we are able to wipe out "ignorance" and embrace "fact" although - sometimes fact is distorted.

    Furthermore, the sterotypical ideas of other cultures is now a thing of the past, thanks to communication and to social media and various cybernetics.

    The price we pay for our "communication" boom is that we have a new generation of people better equiped to make decisions based on the knowledge and information gathered because of social media, or because of information more readily available at our finger tips, namely the internet.

    I understand where you are coming from. I think though that your argument in this piece lacks strong evidence based analysis. Still, it is your point of view and no doubt is a good conduit for an open discussion by all.

    Lets agree to disagree, lol.


  7. Thank you for all your thoughts and comments.
    Certainly wasn't based on any facts.

    I see the benefits of social networking too.. it was more of a segue into the disappointing softening of our respective cultures... to find common ground, we have to build it first.. It's the price we have to pay.

    There are many great things about social networking.. and many bad.. its all about how we use it as indidvuals of course.... there are those who hide and use it to attack etc... those who use it for purely vain purposes (endless self-photos).. and some of the genuine positive communication aspects, which youve mentioned Gina.. (and others). There is a lot of droll to sift through though.

    It's good to talk about it at least. And that's all I wanted to do.

    (If it wasnt for the internet, I'd still be writing, but in isolation. So I'm more than happy!)

    Thanks all for dropping by.


  8. As a child I dreamed of becoming a blond, in the style of a Charlie's Angel and I achieved my dream :)

    Globalisation is a natural process and we have to embrace it. Still we are very different and that is a blessing so that we can get to know each other. But Facebook is Bland, and that is why I am here at the Blog!

  9. I don't agree with it all, but I do get your point. One thing is clearly true though... Earthings are stupid!

  10. Well, it's bitter sweet. I definitely like the growth of communication and it should be used to express who we are rather than just trying to fit in with the crowd. That way it will be a lot of mixing (which is great) but not necessarily matching, which as you mentioned makes things boring.

    All the best with your 100th post, BTW I noticed you got your own domain name (?). I've been looking into that, but for me I will probably start from scratch on a new domain instead of redirecting old links to the new links, I hear Google doesn't like that and it can put off visitors at times. Your redirect loaded quite smoothly though.

  11. I totaly agree with you. I hate facebook and the likes. They want us to think alike and soon look alike. We have a culture, a language, riches to be shared, not blended in the global mixer. Lets throught in the new world bonfire our old wars and veterans, our books, memories, everything that makes us who we really are. And welcome to the zombies! Disgusting...


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