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Poem - Sorry, but...

Sorry...  but…

I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean it.
But that’s how it came out.
I’m sorry
That you reacted that way
And I’m sorry
You escalated matters.

I’m sorry
That I left you out.
I’m sorry
I didn’t respond the way you wanted me to.
I’m sorry
It brought on your depression
And I’m sorry
That I kept up my spirits.

I’m sorry
That you allowed it to take over your life
Because it didn’t take over mine.
Perhaps you should take some responsibility for your reactions
Because I can’t say sorry for that.


I don't know about you, but I hate it when people say Sorry but.... It negates the apology. If you're going to say But..., don't bother apologising in the first place. 

Maybe that's just me.

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something a little different and perhaps a bit special, a short film I made in 2004, the 17 minute convict drama, Irons.

It's a period piece, set in New South Wales in 1826.

I'm adding a few new audio elements that we didn't have the luxury of at the time.
But it's the same film that played in several International Film Festivals.
I'll hope you'll stick around for it. It was almost a year out of my life and
cost five years of savings. (Probably the reason why I haven't made another since).

Until next week,


  1. Nice one with Irons
    Looking forward to seeing it again
    John B

  2. Hi Anthony,
    Loved your little poem.
    so true about the "but".

    Look forward to watching your film

    Karen T :)

  3. You surprise me all the time with your talents. I didn't know you're a filmmaker and that your work's been featured in International Film Fests. I'm not surprised, though. Looking forward.

    PS Yes, I hate it when people say "Sorry but..." (especially when it's a guy who's being a jerk but thinks the apology will get him laid).


  4. It makes a heck of a lot of sense, but...
    Just kidding! I really like it!

  5. Cheers Johnny, Karen, Robyn and Pat.
    Glad you liked the little poem.

    I've made a few short films. 'Irons' is the only one I submitted to film festivals. Maybe one day I'll put the others up too.
    Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Now this was a wonderful poem to express your feelings! Very well done. I agree with you. I also hate when people say something like "I'm sorry you're hurt, but..." instead of just saying I'm sorry for what I done to hurt or upset you. Lol. It bugs me too!

    I love the new page by the way. It's looking purr-fect!

  7. I agree with every word of that poem, sorry is an overused word but the way we react to the sorry but thing is the key.i have been know to over react, carry the hurt on for days, how i have wasted nights on wasted emotion, sorry but i had to say that lol

  8. Hey Anthony, there is a deep concept behind this poem. The main problem I think is that people try to use saying sorry as an excuse to get away with things rather than saying it from the heart. You can always tell when it's from the heart and when it's not, as humans we can pick up those vibes.

    Also, I hate it when people say sorry too much; I'd prefer that they say it once and don't make the same mistake again. For example I had a very bad experience with customer support reps recently, they kept apologizing to me for the inconvenience BUT would not fix my problem, so sometimes that "but" can simply be in terms of actions rather than saying the word. I'm glad you brought this up in your poem.

  9. Nice and true,its always the "but" that negates the apology.The "but" is the reason/excuse for doing what was said or done. Where is the sincerity in the Im sorry.

  10. rarely say sorry myself because I acknowledge I did or said what I did because that felt like the appropriate thing to say or do at the time.

  11. A very short and concise poem Anthony. It's clear that saying sorry is a way in which an action is being buffered to minimise it's reaction.

    I saw there are three elements to this poem

    1. The fact that the one saying sorry takes responsibility for his/her own actions

    2. The undercurrent sarcassm in which the focus is mostly on the fact that the "other" walks on some kind of red carpet - look out, don't offend them too much! Such sensitivities and a lot of immaturity to boot!

    3. The aggravated sense that comes through, as if the one saying sorry has had to tread on eggshells around the other, just don't "rock" the boat - oh God forbid!

    They should get over it, really. Perhaps go and get a job doing service for the Queen? LOL

    Who wants a relationship like this? Not me!

    Good one Anthony.

    Gina :)

  12. Ah Gina, your observations are always a delight, and so accurate! You know I don't like to go into detail 'explaining' my poems etc, but you always manage to reach in and extract the meaning. Maybe I'll write one about someone who needs to 'get over it.' lol

    Thanks so much for your comments Kendra, Nadeemalim, Joanne, Ronnie and Graham. It's really nice to get your feedback. Much appreciated.


    ps thanks for the 'new look' comment too Kendra.. I'd fiddle with it some more, but I'm really not that technical. ;)

  13. That is SO TRUE! As soon as I hear the "but" I discount everything that came before it. I've always tried to use the word "and" instead, It still comes out the wrong way sometimes.
    Love your poem...


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