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Video Poem - Her Teenage Universe

At fourteen...

Voiceover by Marie K at Bellavox Productions.

A big thank you to all involved.
The teens did a great job, under 'embarassing' conditions.

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  1. Poor girl. I like everything about this, Anthony - the filming, music, writing and acting. I especially like that you can't see their faces.
    Great work.

  2. Thank you Robyn.
    Took a while to make this one.
    I didn't want to identify them, but it also makes them more generic that way.
    Yes, poor girl. lol

  3. It must be tough being a girl; one of my female friends was just telling me recently about her periods getting out of hand because she was taking some contraceptive pills to keep her boyfriend pleased that had bad side-effects and I could not believe she would go through all that for him. Your video poem is like a modern musical/opera in a fun way and when we look back at teenage years we all mostly laugh but when these girls or even us boys go through such heartbreak it seriously does hurt at that time. And I really don't like how the cool/liberated girl gets picked on the most just because she is popular with guys and other girls are not!

  4. Cheers Nadeemalim for you comments. Yes girls can be cruel to one another, particularly teenage girls.
    I like your analogy of the 'musical'. It does begin lighthearted and ends tragically, as was intended. It is a very difficult time, with all new emotions, raw emotions and experiences, and some don't make it out. Bullying is worse than ever.
    I think we carry these experiences around forever.
    Glad it provoked some thoughts. That's what I hope for.


  5. Really good Anthony! I love the faceless and nameless nature of it all. It could apply to so many girls...


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