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Poem - Ode to a CRAP RAP

oDe  tO  A  cRaP  RaP

Let’s get Down with that
Coz baby you’re the one I wanna tap
Your body was Made in Heaven
Better than 7 -11
I had to steal you off my Bro
But it don’t hurt
If he don’t know.

So I’m writing you this song
Saying Honeyz, you can come along
On my Groovy Train
My package will give you a brain drain.

You are the Mit
To my Baseball Club
Get it? My Club?
Let’s go do da Dub
One Two Three
I look at you Hot and Spicy
And I don’t wanna wee

Ho Bunny, I got it all goin on
So you gotta be strong
If you want make it out
Of my Love Trap
But don’t do that
Be weak
I like my bitches meek
I’ll be your Golden idol
Better than American Idol
I’ll be your Oscar winner
And you can thank me in your speech
After dinner.

So come on sweet nectar
I’ll drink from you, blood and all
Let’s turn out the lights and
Do it against the wall.
You’re so sweet, I’d make love to you in a ditch,
But I’ll give you some satin sheets
Coz chicks like you are for keeps.
I finally found Love
And I didn’t have to pay for it
I can throw away my Glove
Coz Angel Box, You’re da Shit!

So Hop onto my Pole
And we’ll ride into the Sunset.

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  1. I love your Rap poem. Please do more, Snoop Dog, and all the rappers in the world, move over for Anthony J. Langford cues hes the best!
    Best to you, Marian Zorger

  2. Very playful Anthony! It's light, it's hip hoppin', it's groovin' the groove. Never know. If you get it wrapped up in music, it might hit the charts. LOL

    Take care.

    Gina :)

  3. HAHAHAH... great work I must say, Anthony!!

    Thanks for sharing it.
    The Golden Idol! LOL


  4. This has got to be the funniest piece of "literature" (Sorry, I had to use apostrophes) you've written, Anthony. I love it. It's written in true rap style. Great sh*t, my friend.

  5. More crap anthony. LOL - I look at you hot and spicy and I don't wanna wee. That would be a great title for a book.

  6. PS Drop by and see what I wrote about ya.

  7. Cheers guys. And remember.. check yourself before you neck yourself.



  8. I am from the Pay It Forward Blogfest, I think Robyn's :) gettin' a little dizzy and I just started my blog hop!

  9. Woohoo, they're dropping by Anthony.
    My pleasure, my friend.

  10. BAH I think I jut went blind, from looking at that huge ass behind..hahaha funny as hell loved it. Will follow, blog hopping can work I guess.

  11. I was sent over here, inspired by Robyn. Great job.
    Baby's got back.
    Yet, strangely, I can't turn my eyes away.

  12. WoW! You surprised me!

    Love this Anthony!

    So funny and clever

    Karen T:)

  13. Ah Robyn you're a star!
    thanks so much for dropping by guys. (Oceangirl, Pat Hatt & Al Penwasser. I'll follow you too).

    Not my usual post but a bit of humor never goes astray.
    Thanks Karen...

    A new Video Poem next week!
    'Her Teenage Universe.'


  14. My mind just went blank when I saw the pic! too funny!

  15. Oh yea raps like this will get you girls alright. :P Was reading the other comments not sure what blog hopping is about but sounds interesting. Meanwhile, good luck with the ladies LOL.


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