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Poem - Alone Not Home

Alone not Home

I want to go home
Except I don’t know where home is
I live in a place I do not like
With people I do not know
Who think they know me.
I fumble my way through a job I have no interest in
And a relationship that’s not interesting.
I thought I had a chance at something
But I have missed everything.
I am no good at pretence
With no desire to try and impress
All I seek is the Truth
In a world I perceive to be false.
I wish people could be more honest
And yet knowing that a wish is mere fantasy
I must be deceiving myself.
If truth is at the heart of the every matter
And home is where the heart is
Why is home so elusive?

(The top painting is by William Adolphe Bouguereau - The Broken Pitcher - 1891. Photograph-unknown.)

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  1. Home, to me, is wherever I find peace. I have been thinking about this myself lately & realise that I am most at peace when I am far away from the rat race.... when I am closer to nature & nearer to the clouds (such as on a mountain)... the air is cleaner and easier to breath. I am also a little bit 'old world' & racing the clock is just not appealing to me, although sadly I have to do it!!

  2. If truth as at the heart of the every matter (replace 'as' with 'is')

    This poem is scrambled (maybe intentional?)
    There is confusion in attempting to understand your place 'anywhere.'

    From home to work, from feeling disjointed, to having to face dishonest people. You just want the truth, you just want people to be honest with you. No more lies!

    Home is a place you identify.
    A place where you belong.
    A place where your voice is heard.

    This is why the illusion is strong, because as you say 'In a world I perceive to be false' you no longer feel that you can trust your own judgement of what anyone else is saying or doing to you.

    Ultimately, we take in from the illusion what we want to be real.

    We lie to ourselves in this process, knowing that the illusion is just that; an illusion.

    If we want others to be honest with us, we must also be honest with ourselves.

    Gina :))

  3. There's a lot of truth to that poem, Anthony. Nicely done.

  4. Like your every other poem this one is simple, meaningful and TRUE!

    Keep it up :)

  5. Thank you for reading Katherine, Gina, Robyn and Zakii. And for taking the time to comment.

    Gina, thanks for picking up the 'as' instead of 'is'. I should send you my novels to edit. haha

    I never like to 'explain' the meaning behind a poem or to elaborate more on it's intent. But I will say this. While I try to put myself into each poem emotionally and stories too, not everything relates to how I necessarily feel. If that makes sense. I am interested in Truth, even if I'm writing fiction.

    As for specific meanings, well, a poem is like a piece of music. Different people can take different things away from it. It's very personal. I don't like artists to explain the meanings behind their work, whether it's a painting or a song or whatever. The reader's experience is personal, they inject themselves into it.. and therefore completely valid.

    Thanks again.


  6. Thanks Anthony for your honest, evocative poem. Simple words told truthfully

  7. Nice one mate!!
    So, so true!!!

  8. Thank you very much amit art.. i hope you do well with your art and drop by sometimes.


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