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Video Poem - When Ego Comes To Town

(This post from 2011)

When Ego Comes To Town (with video).


A couple of months ago, I upload an audio version of one of my poems, When Ego Comes to Town. As an experiment, I decided to put images to it. Please let me know what you think. I might do more.

Suggestions? ie with or without Voice.
or Without Text etc.

Personally I like reading Poetry from a book, but until I get published, this is an idea worth exploring.

Watch HERE or below


  1. I liked this version more than your first one. When I started watching it I wasn't so sure of the text being on the screen and thought I didn't like it, but on further consideration I realised that having the text there made the poem more poignant for me, the words were striking. I also enjoyed the visual side but I think more photos would be needed for me. If there was no text and only the one photo I would probably get bored before the end. When it's audio only, you're tuned into listening, but when it's visual in two ways you rely on that more so I'd like to see you montage more images in your future work. I loved the ending with your web address, it looked really professional and was a nice finishing touch

  2. It worked very well for me! I think one background is enough. More would become a distraction and take away the listener's attention. Just wondering if this could be done with the classics. Might be interesting. At any rate, great job!


  3. I not only like it, I've also been thinking of doing it myself since my local open mike coffee shop closed down...

  4. I'm okay with it, but I have an aversion to all those capitals. And I'm also weary of that style of background and soothing music for inspirational religious crap. But I do like the medium. More character in the voice would be good, too: at present it is a bit like a professional voice-over which do not sound sincere. This is sincere, but it still reminds me of that other odious genre.

  5. I loved it! Really...I came upon your blog as I was posting what I added recently to my blog. I think I will follow you...I ask that you return the favor and read some of mine. Love the idea of putting it into video form. You also have a very attractive and soothing voice and that made it better. I'd definitely vote to see/listen to another.

  6. Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. It's really very helpful. You all make good points. I'll take them onboard for the future.
    i've already made a couple more which are considerably darker. My voice is still something I'm coming to terms with. If james earl jones was available, or the homeless guy with the golden voice, i'd hire him in a flash.
    Unfortunatly it's just me, but I'll be experimenting more in future.

    Thanks again to all. Expect more of these in future.
    K Marie, I'm of to investigate your blog.


  7. I absolutely loved it! And don't get rid of the voice! I love that part. lol I'm glad you tried the voice thing & I hope you don't worry yourself about it because I thought it really stood out. In a good way. :)

    And thanks so much for your comment. lol it was funny. Definetly busted in that one pic. lol Oops! Hee hee. Sorry about the crazy sideways pics. Lol. My twin sis has a habit of holding the camera that way and strangely enough sometimes I do too & I'm so used to it now that I don't even think to rotate them before posting. lol. I will remember to do that next time though.

    Well, I'm looking forward to the next tilly cam! Hope ya have a fun day!

  8. Yes, yes, yes, Anthony. Keep going with this. It's a powerful, sensory experience. The poem was so much more palatable. Your voice is very nice and perfect for this too. I really think you're onto something, and I'm proud of you.

  9. Thanks so much Robyn. Yr a sweetie. & (Kendra). Already onto it. More coming.. a little darker in tone.
    Will mix it up with the final TillyCams
    Thank you!



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