TillyCam - Part 5of 7 - Mall (at Xmas)


She's back! And this time she's off to check out this strange phenomenon called Shopping... and what the hell is that giant tree doing there? The music track is an edited version of 'Mace Spray' by Sydney band 'The Jezabels'. I own no copyright whatsoever and hope you check them out as they are a great band and deserve international success.

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The Jezabels Official Page

Next Time,

A Video Poem (Videotry).
Then the Second Last TillyCam

Until Then,


  1. Aww! Your little sweetie had her first shopping spree! Now that she knows all about it, you'd better keep an eye on your credit cards! lol!


  2. She is just so cute. I can see little bubble captions over her head: "Daddy's at it again. I'm cool with that."

  3. Thanks Arielle & Robyn...
    God I hope she's not a big shopper...lol..

    lol re bubble captions..be funny in years to come..

    Only 2 to go!


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