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Video Poem - The Visitor

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(Images, words & voice by AJL. Soundscape sourced from Creative Commons License.)

(Top artwork by Russell Dickerson at

Coming Soon,

Human Idiosyncrasies detailed from Observing Babies.
(A lot more fun than it sounds!)

And the second last TillyCam - SeaWall

Until Then,


  1. I do like it. it's a great idea... I might try it myself but my nose has been rearranged so many times, my voice to too nasal sounding.

  2. That was very powerful and dark, Anthony. Nicely done, my friend.

  3. I like that one even better than the first! beautiful poem and great concept!

  4. Cheers Patty, Robyn and Anon...i prefer this one too.. im going to experiment a bit expect some variations on these..but I'm enjoying it...


  5. Whoa I'm still blown away at how AMAZING you do with these poems and videos! It's sooo good! I love how just about anybody can find meaning in your poems most poems, I can't find meaning or any kind of real-ness in it. I don't know how to explain it, but yours are different. I love it!

    Also thanks for the comment. My mom seems to be doing so fine, after all 3 of her robberies she's acted like it's no big deal. She kinda thinks she invincible lol & She has always took risks like she hides the stores money around the store just in case of robbers they ask her to do that & she has never gave them all of the money even though they have a gun & she's tied up she never gives them all of it, but this time she had to the men weren't giving up. I think this time it really did get to her though, because she finally started putting in applications for other jobs when in the past she would refuse to look for another job. The post office was robbed around the same time & the guy made the women take their tops off & he even touched one of them! It's so out of control out there. We aren't used to it really well she is, but we live nearly an hr away & it's nothing like that. Thank you though for your nice comment. She's definetly doing better about it. She has a lot of support.

    Keep up the great poetry work! By the way, I have to ask have you ever submitted your poetry to mags or even books or anything? I think you would definitely be published! I used to write poetry a lot a few years ago & I wrote one called the monster & it was published in an inspirational book! So I know you could really go a long way with yours!

    Hope you have a beautiful day!

    PS Love the baby's vids too! So cute.

  6. Beautifully read. Interesting writing style. It was a very intelligent & thought-provoking poem. Great job!

  7. Thank you very much kendra & Jane. I'd submit these somewhere if I knew where to submit them too. I should be more proactive with my submissions. I have such an urge to create that I neglect the business side of things..


  8. Dark and creepy - about the cyclone huh?


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