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When Ego Comes to Town - A Poem (+ mp3)

When Ego Comes to Town

Warring Tribes
Come to Visit Again
Locked Horns, Stubborn Feet
Dig in Your Heels
Camouflage Your Insecurity

Yet the More You Fight
The More Obvious it Is
Conglomerates Have Nothing on You
At Least They Have Profit to Inspire

Blocking My Every Snippet of Goodwill
Rejecting an Openness
That is Required
For Negotiations to Begin

You Muddy the Waters
So No one Can See In
Dare They See
The Real You

Then You Cut Til the Wound Weeps
And the Natural Thing to Do
Is to Retaliate
But then You Will have Honoured Your Battle

I Back Down
My Self Respect only Shrapnel
And It takes All summoned Potency
To Walk Away
While You Exult
Streaming Your Triumph

But Only I Know
That there was no Victory at All.

Coming Soon,

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another entry from the Greatest Written Films
a non-fiction series Famous After Death
and more Poetry with or without an audio version.. depending on your comments.


  1. Loved it! Can't wait to hear more :)

  2. I like that you did not capitalize "summoned." It's potent. 'Tis the season for this great, true poem.

  3. PS there was no victory - On second read, I caught this uncapitalized. Brilliant! xo

  4. Hi Anthony, I Like your poem. It seems a natural medium for expression for you.
    Good luck with it:))

  5. Hi Anthony!

    The harsh realities of business and how the banks "reject an openness for negotiations to begin." Starting a new business enterprise or fighting off debt collectors, is not always easy when there is lack of financial support or goodwill.

    Conglomerates have profit to inspire but are not always willing to part with their profits. This is circular and a prominent feature in the business world.

    Then in your last words, "there was no victory at all" I thought was poignant making clear a point that warring tribes win under an illusion but not in fact.

    Interesting poem Anthony. I think this poem is different. It is very cryptic in nature with subtle hints here and there. Maybe I was off the mark in my interpretation?

    Interesting though. Many roads to explore. This is just another one. Keep writing!

    PS: The mp3 didn't open for me. It wanted me to log in and use password for something I'm not a member of.

    Ms_Ozzi :)

  6. Hi Tony,

    When I read this poem, I have to admit that I didn't quite get it, which annoyed me as I wanted to. So I wasn't going to leave a comment. But then I thought I'd give the audio download a go which at first didn't appear to have worked. So I was lying in bed reading next to my laptop when suddenly I heard your voice, reading your poem beautifully and by this medium the clarity of your words settled into my mind and made perfect sense. I think the audio is fantastic, you sound great and the music underlay was really well added. Here's to more audio on this site xx

  7. Hey Anthony, I tried opening the mp3 again and OMG this time, it worked! It sounds gr8! You delivered the poem very well. I enjoyed it too. I think this is a feature that should compliment your written poems from here on.


  8. Thank you so much again Ms Ozzi for your insightful other words, you rock!
    I don't like to reveal the meaning behind the words, as all opinions are valid.. also a painter doesn't stand next to their work and explain what it all means.. the person taking in the piece injects part of themselves into it.. an open interpretation is best...

    Thank you too Sally and Robyn, Karen and Kendra.. I appreciate you taking the time to leave me a comment.. its very nice of you.

  9. I am baaack! lol

    To answer your question, yes I have kids. They aren't mine biologically though. :( I am unable to have kids. But they are my sisters. I've had them their entire lives. There's 4. One is my twin sisters. She's only a year old and the other 3 are my older sisters. lol It seems I'm the only one in my fam. who doesn't have a super easy time having

    You have a baby girl?! I had no idea. I bet she's precious. I'm gonna check out the link you left me. Is it your first child? Aw! I really love kids. They can be stressful but I love em'. lol

    Well, I'll be back to see your next posts. :)

  10. Really powerful and really GOOD!
    You are a talented fellow...

  11. Hiya Anthony .. not sure why but the MP3 wouldn't work for me but the poem was great, as always! I am disappointed though that I couldn't listen to you read it yourself :(


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