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Greatest Written Films - Planet of the Apes (1968)

I like to write the odd quote. I thought I'd share one. Feel free to use it if you feel so inclined.

'Getting Angry at Stupid People is like cursing the Grass for Growing.'

Greatest Written Films

Planet of the Apes (1968)

Planet of the Apes? You gotta be freaking kidding! A good action piece.. sure.. even a great sci-fi film but a Best Written Film?Are you insane man?
Alright, I hear what your saying. But give me a chance here.

Sure you can raise your eyebrows at a film that is predominately known for its make-up (for which it won a special Oscar) and sci-fi themes, rather than being a great screenplay. Yet the origin of this film lies in its period, an era when foreigners were evil and black people 'beneath us' and communists were lurking to take over the world.

Pierre Boulle wrote the novel Monkey Planet in 1963. When Hollywood bought the options, the screenplay was written by the legendary Rod Serling, the man behind The Twilight Zone. His changes made it a significantly better story but the core principles remained the same. The unknown breeds fear and fear is the parent to intolerance. It's still a pertinent message.

Apart from working as a tense and exciting thriller, Planet of the Apes reveals our darkest fears, that of the subjugated overthrowing us, where we become the racially oppressed. Our hold on this world is tenacious. Suddenly we are not listened to, nor matter. The shoe is much more uncomfortable on the other foot. You could argue that it's xenophobic in nature, but people only see what they want to see. The core design was simply, 'see how you'd like it.' The injustice should have you seething.

In the 1960's the message needed to be sent. America (& the world) still suffered from widespread intolerance; the Watts Riots of '65, the 'growing plague' of communism from South-East Asia and the year this film was released, 1968, with the assassination of Martin Luther King.

As far as the film itself went, Producer Arthur P. Jacobs had to fight for it. Special screen and make-up tests were done to prove to the studios that it could actually be made. Thankfully they agreed to go ahead.

Planet of the Apes still holds up today, easily overshadowing Tim Burton's terrible 2001 remake. There were four sequels to the original, only one of which had any merit (Escape from the Planet of the Apes) and two short-lived TV spinoff's. Apes was hugely popular and made a star out of its prime chimp, Roddy McDowell.

And it's not over. A prequel Rise of the Apes is planned for release in 2011, though to me, it seems that this story was already covered in the many sequels. If it's anything like the current crop of remakes and sequels, it will probably suck.

I particularly like the court scene where those in power did not want to know the truth. (carefully analyse the picture below). Has anything really changed at all?

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  1. Wow, this was interesting. Love the quote by the way! :) I never watched planet of the apes. lol I know I'm probably the only person in the world. I just don't watch much TV...unless it's grey's anatomy or the new adventures of old christine (Man I love those shows! lol) Anyways, I think this post has convinced me to watch the apes! :) lol.

    Also, thanks for reading & commenting. Yep, I take care of all 4 kids. But at least their dad's are there to help. He gets them a lot too and that helps me alot! lol My twin sister just stays in a lotta trouble so she doesn't really have her baby at all. If she's not with me, she's with her grandmother. It's kinda sad. :(

    Anyways, great post! I'll be back to read more.

  2. It was a pretty darn good movie for it's time. You are right, everything that came pretty much sucked (with one exception).
    I hope the prequel doesn't get released...
    great post!

  3. I watched the Planet of the Apes and I loved it as a teenager! I think the movie had merit for its time. It was creative, it demonstrated great loss & upheaval. Watching it as a teenager, I never thought too much into the meaning behind the story lines, but I do recall thinking how horrible it would be if people were suddenly reduced to experimental probings from a species lower than them. I remember Charlton Heston landing on a beach after being in a deep sleep and then to wake up and discover the world had changed. His cry was unforgettable, a scene I thought was almost prophetic of a world lost by war and mass destruction. Roddy McDowall was my favourite character as he played Cornelius the archaeologist. I just thought he was cute, and thought he was a pretty smart ape as he had reason to believe that there existed a dominant culture long before his ape culture did. Overall, I loved watching it.

    I have to admit that closer to the end of the series I did tire watching apes on horse back and forever trying to be more superior than men. Following this the sequel was a flop, nothing new was built into the story lines, it was still apes on horse back still trying to dominate the world. A real stupid idea that had run its course and should've stayed quiet when it was all over and done with. Would I go watch the new sequel coming up - probably NOT.


  4. I watched the Movie, This was bad enough. Strangely,it takes on a full and new meaning today, in times of troubles. Unfortunately racial problems haven't vanished. The targets have changed. That's all. The pack of monkey is still around treating us like cattle.

    Time for these Apes to stop monkeying around with our world.

    A bit of subject here. Sorry...

    Hugs! Arielle.

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  6. I like your odd qote. It's a good reminder.
    This post is a good reminder too. I was to freaked out by their appearance (the make up jobs WERE phenomenal) to ever get into Planet of the Apes.

    1. Best movies ever watched !!

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