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Poem - We


The human being 
what a thing are we 
flailing about in the sea 
constant state of me and me
the circumference of our world 
so small yet so profound to us 
all the universe in one 
and all embracing


clutching, swimming 
busy as armies 
not to see 
the forest through the trees 
about and in heaven and sin 
the worldly flesh
keeps us abreast 
and grounded 
where we cannot be 
corporeal in tone 
yet a wishful nature 
a yearning for so much more 
unable to fully atone 
what a curious thing 
are we.

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  1. That is a beautiful, thought provoking poem, Anthony. I especially like the smooth flow to it, and the second to last stanza.

  2. I love this one Tony! I'm smiling as I type. A gorgeous connective poem. We all ultimately have the same wants and needs in life but the way we get there is varied and complex. So much energy continuously swirling about in all our bodies and minds. Six billion different views on the world. Now I'm grinning - thank you! Sal x

  3. Great poem - you really have quite a talent for poetry - you should nuture it even more.

  4. "constant state of me and me" rings truth in it's essence. We are so preoccupied in our minds with self that we sometimes forget for a minute that we are "corporeal".

    Well written Anthony.There is story, harmony and insight in this poem. You deliver it so well, simple, elegant and brief.

    Good work!

  5. Anthony I too love this poem it had beautiful rhythm and gave me insight into you as a person...I like it!!
    Looking forward to reading more of your poetry Anthony.

  6. Overall I dislike poetry. This one stirs up some emotions in me, none of them good. Phrases thrown together around empty topics not fully realized. Cliched. Trite. The lack of metre, rhythm, or any understanding of manipulating emotions or writing poetry is almost painful.

    Are you one of those who believe in not editing poetry? When it's written it's written?

  7. Anonymous...Poetry doesn't always have to evoke good feelings & it is open to interpretation. It doesn't always have to have rhythm or rhyme either. Anthony poetry has it's own authentic mode of expression.

  8. Thank you Katherine. Poetry can be in any form, as those with an understanding of poetry would know.
    It is not my usual style, and simple for certain, yet I wanted to write something light and positive.. for once...

  9. I'm not a poetry expert but I'm sure this is one simple yet beautiful piece one can write!

    Look forward to read more of them (:

  10. I think Anonymous is pathetic, especially for remaining anonymous! Who the hell are you, and why would you take the time to trash a beautiful poem? Even if it weren't good (which it is), why would you bother to criticize it? Get a life and an identity.
    PS Anthony, yes, Anonymous went too far. I luv ya!

  11. Author T. L. WoodSunday, October 17, 2010

    WOW Tony, I cannot believe that some stupid, numpty, f**king b@$tard would leave that sort of comment about one of your poems in such a spineless, pathetic way and then remain anonymous about it!!! What a f**king coward!! It was a beautiful, eloquently written piece, which provoked thought in such a way that stirred emotion to all of your other readers besides this idiot! I really loved your poem, and as with all of your work it is awesome! :) And for what is worth, the rest of us believe in you! ;)

  12. I hold no degree or claim to be an intellect by any stretch of the imagination... just your average, everyday farmers wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the poem. I've always believed poetry to be a form of personal expression, not too dissimilar to an artist and his painting, what you take from it is your own interpretation and if your enjoy it... wonderful! If you don't then perhaps you may next time. I don't think poetry or any form of personal expression should be open to criticism as that takes away from the word 'personal'. Just my opinion, now back to baking! :)

  13. Dear Anonymous(posted 30th sept),
    If you dislike poetry, why would you read it? Also, if you dislike it so much then who are you to make judgmental comments? Before criticising someone else and quite harshly I might like to add, I suggest you think about others feelings before your own 'emotions.' You're not helping anyone by being here and giving your opinion, you're just belittling Tony and faultfinding his work which I know for a fact he worked hard on and should be very proud of himself for doing so. How about you go write something creatve and I'll shit all over it, see how you like it.

    P.s the poem was very good Tony! You should be very proud.

  14. Thank you so much for your comments, Anon, Robyn, Terie, Melinda and Arielle.. It's of nice of you to take the time to defend me, over what is a fairly innocuous, harmless little poem. I will, however, treasure what you have written, as this is from the heart and therefore personal... and so much more meaningful to me than the few words expressed in the poem.
    Thank you girls.. you're beautiful...




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