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The Long Jetty - Literary Journal now available & Launch

The Long Jetty - Officially Launched.


The Verandah Literary Journal is only published once a year, and I'm very excited to be a part of this year's publication, the 25th Anniversary Edition. 

I wrote The Long Jetty when I was away for a few days. The premise is the internal meditation of an old man who walks down a Long Jetty at his favourite holiday spot. He has done this every year for decades, but this year is different. This year his wife will not be accompanying him. This year his wife died. Suddenly the Long Jetty looks very different. 

If you purchase a copy of the Journal, you will get to read the story in full, plus you will be supporting the Arts. It is full of Stories, Poetry, Design and Photography, so there is much to enjoy I don't submit many stories as I spend most of my writing time concentrating on my novels and now of course, this blog. Plus I'm terrible at the business side of writing and really could be doing a lot more. I think I need a manager. Or an agent. So I won't have any publications coming up anytime soon, so this is it for 2010 folks! 

The Journal is available to order online here. I'm happy to sign it for you if you like if we can arrange it. Just get in touch with me. (My email is on my profile). Here are some shots from the Official Launch at the Melbourne Writers Festival. I would have loved to been there, but alas, I am based in Sydney and could not get down. It seemed like a great event.

(Update: The Long Jetty is the last story in the collection, Pseudo Stars, available below).

Coming Soon, 
More Poetry, Stories, etc. Love to see you back! And feel free to spread the word. Please! Until Then,


  1. That is exciting .. would love to get a copy of the journal..will be checking out the link. Pity you couldn't get to the MWF, that would've been cool.

  2. Hey Anthony,
    Ca88andra of Its Consequential went to a bit of the convention, FYI.
    Keep moving forward. Sounds like you're reaping lots of rewards for your efforts.

  3. Congrats to you my friend! I'll be checking it out!

  4. Thank you Katherine, Robyn and Pat.

    Nice of you to swing by.
    I would have loved to have gone too.
    Robyn, is Ca88andra a follower of yours?

  5. Anthony, I love your writing and hope to purchase a copy of the journal. You are blessed with a gift and you will go far, because you have so much to give, I for one will enjoy reading what you write, and so will others for years to come.
    Congrats on your being published.
    Your constant reader, Marian Zorger


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