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Feral Street Intermission.... Logos

Feral Street

As we have reached halfway through this remarkable suburban saga, I wanted to share with you some Logo's my good (and very creative) friend Mark designed. I can see them on T-shirts everywhere.

What do you think?

Can you imagine Feral Street as a TV series?
Would love some feedback.

If you've got any enjoyment out of this series at all, please spread the word by sharing this on your Facebook etc. The more followers I have, the more interest publishers will show, which is what I'm ultimately after. (Apart from entertaining you of course).

Next Post, Feral Street, Episode 4 - The Feral Five go Frollicking...

Until Then,


  1. What about just "Feral Street?" Remove, bogan, slut & mullet. It's clear what Feral is!

  2. Yes, I can f*n imagine it, just with lots of ***'s (bleeps) for all the cursing. Then again, it's not really any different than anything on American tv nowadays.

  3. Yeah go for it re having a tv series - shop it around!

  4. At this point you might as well go for the tv series! Just get a few biddy guards...LOL!


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