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Losing the plot

Senses slipping overtime

The surface is slippery
Too much for traction
As hail attacks the windows.

External forces in motion
So why does my head hurt?
Why do my ears drone
Like high pitched cicadas?

Why do my knees fail
When I try to rise?
Why do my shins shred
When I put my feet up?

Why does my chest feel like it is pierced?
Is it my heart?
Or betraying muscles
Enjoying a riot?

My spine stumbles
As though it cannot support me
For much longer.

There’s a pounding in my balls
A samurai sword up my ass
With itchy cock head.

Yet it always begins with the brain
And following a roundabout journey
Ends there too.

Veins are popping
There’s blood on the instruments
The controls don’t respond
The music is off-key
And sense forgot to exist.

The normal rules
Do not apply
And I’m finally

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