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Similarity of Opinion

Similarity of Opinion

Please don’t say a word
Not listening, not listening!
I don’t want to hear
What I don’t want to hear.

Must recognise words
Internally mould yours
Into a new shape
So I will not be distracted
By the truth
While I debate
And re-iterate
My point
Which is all that matters.

If only
I could turn them to my way of thinking
And I will
As the weak topple
With strength as their guide
Let the bullshit slide
Close the hatch
Sit on it
And call it Throne…

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  1. I often wonder if I am "Internally moulding" the words of your poems "into a new shape". I probably am. But I don't deliberately set out to do it like some right winger trying to convince themselves that every one eats baby ears. I say, okay, what does this mean to me?

  2. I'm sure you might find this odd, but this great poem took me right back to your post about Rachel Corrie and the Israel "problem." In my country, we are very polarized about the whole issue. Especially about Mr. Netanyahu addressing Congress. People are arguing and everybody feels they are right and anybody who doesn't agree with them, is an idiot. All I can say, is that I'm glad I'm not in charge of the world. Because the world pretty much sucks right now, and my country is pretty damn high up on the suck list. Sorry for the venting...


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