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Life lived - more than the method of death

She was much more than 'that'

As regular readers will be aware I occasionally use the theme of violence in my poetry (and stories), particularly assaults, rape, king hits etc, the notion of 'unexpected' violence in lieu of a better phrase, visited upon the undeserving, a state of affairs often witnessed that fills me with rage, (no doubt having arisen from the fact that I've been assaulted twice). There's quite a lot of violence in my novels too, with realistic ramifications to victims and flow on effects. Unfortunately, these works are still yet to be published.

Below is one such poem, the crux of it being that the victim, if deceased, is often remembered for the way they died. Sometimes they are overlooked almost entirely, the focus going to the perpetrator. What about the person as an individual and not purely as 'victim'? What about the life lived?

The poem goes a little deeper than that, as you will see.


They forgot about her
The focus on the perpetrator
Became priority
As it’s always been.

She had existed
For 24 years
And yet her demise
The struggle
Such as it was
For seven long minutes
Became the entirety
Of her existence
A media story sensation
A slap in the face
With the bulk of her life
Washed over.

It is difficult to comprehend
What happened
It is too terrible
I don’t want to contemplate
The black
Beneath the clouds
But it exists
With or without awareness
So we say farewell
To the gorge of lies
And clutch at vacancies
Wherever they scatter
Though treachery
Hungers close.

Lies are near from those
Whom we should trust
Friends, lovers and enemies yet 
Divide, sniff, deny, bodies separate
Keep an eye out
Here comes the reality
Saturated fat
Ready to smother.

So laugh and scatter
Amongst the fleeting frivolity
And self-imposed distractions
While neglecting to prepare
For something worse
The shock awaits.