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Ask - and you shall Not receive


All Good Things Do Not Come to Those Who Wait

Words and Vision
Anthony J. Langford

Voiceover by Kabir Singh

Music by ERH & The Semen Incident 
@ The Freesound Project

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  1. Thought provoking poem, Anthony. Lines: Some things are reliable, if you could only remember what they were - got a laugh out of me. Its more like deceive and you will receive these days, but watch out, it might just be deception.

  2. The line that Graham quoted struck me too. There's much irony and meaning in that. Again your images fit so nicely with your words. Beautifully done, Anthony.

    I'm reminded of a moment I had at a retreat on the Pacific coast years ago. We were instructed to do a silent walking meditation. As I wandered along these gorgeous cliffs overlooking the ocean, I saw a group of young surfers coming my way. I stepped aside. One surfer dude approached me and said, "Go ahead." I broke my silence to say "I'm waiting." He took off cheerily, turned and said, "Don't wait for anyone." Damnit, if that dufus wasn't being extremely profound - especially in that context. Don't wait for anyone! Great message.


  3. Thank you for dropping by guys.
    Good point Graham. Alot of that going on.

    That's an interesting story Robyn. Don't wait. If only we could... Surfer Profundity!

  4. I like the photos, like the video and like the words.
    I just wish that I hadn't waited so long to stop waiting...

  5. This was wonderful Anthony.. the filming, the weaving of words, the reading and the message within were all wonderful. There are times 'waiting' is unavoidable, sometimes it just has to happen. However, with some kinds of waiting there is an element of hope attached. Hope that with time things will change, get better or make a turn for the best.


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