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(Don’t) Let it all hang out

Claude Monet
There is something about art
Whether it’s a sketch
Or a poem
Or a film
That garners respect
With time
Suckled and Savoured
Like a fine wine
Because most people
Critics and consumers alike
Don’t know a good thing
When they see it
Preferring to allow time
To be the judge
Rather than risk
Putting their opinion
On the line.

Almost goes without saying but all of the above were not appreciated in their day. And there are many, more, too many to list. Perhaps a post for another day.

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  1. Absolutely true and such a shame that so many brilliant artists are not recognised as such until its too late for them to savour their success - just proves that critics don't really know what people like - only individuals themselves know that - why we need other people to tell us if something like art is good I have no idea - we should each make up our own minds and take the time to be open enough to find out for ourselves. Art is NOTHING like a hotel room you can't judge its quality on behalf of another person

  2. So everyone will eventually realise I was right all the time and realise the greatestness of Prometheous and Transcendence? Art speaks differently to each indiividual, it thrives or dies on whatever their emotional state is and how much attention they give to it. Or whether it lead to a revelation, or whether they had that revelation last week, while watching The Simpsons, and think that a particular piece of art says nothing new. Some people close themselves off to accepting the new too. I'm up for giving an opinion, sometimes I even think about that opinion before I try to shout it out to the world.

  3. Yes, that's so true, Anthony. Most do not know a good thing when they see it. If they think it's good, they won't say anything until others do. It's a shame that talent often becomes acknowledged long after the artists' death - or never at all.

    Needless to say, you make a powerful point, and you do so with your usual eloquence.

  4. Nicely said Anthony. You are so right...
    I've never been one to pay much attention to critics. What qualifies them to judge anyway?
    Some of my favorite things were totally panned.

  5. How very true Anthony... you only have to look at artists like Vincent Van Gogh who never found their place in life, trying to fit in but never do. He sold one painting in his life time and lived a very tormented existence. He took his life at 37 and would never know how famous he would someday become. It's sad!


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