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Published in India and the U.S.


Three poems, two publications, two continents, one happy chappy.

After a fairly quiet couple of months I have two publications this week.
One is a poem called To belong...  published in the Spring edition of Vayavya from India.
It can be read on line. If you're time strapped, my poem is right here.


The Stray Branch, accepted two poems a year ago.

Unfortunately it cannot be read online but is available to order in print for $10 U.S, quite reasonable considering the cost of new books. It has many great stories and poems and is a healthy 138 pages long.

I don't expect anyone to buy it on my account but if interested email me and I'll ensure you get a discount. If ordering outside of the States, the shipping is more affordable if you buy more than one; a decent birthday present.


Coming soon,
A new video poem, The Moat, a self imposed exile.

Next month,
A special book offer to celebrate the one year anniversary of Caged Without Walls.

Until then,
Stay sane.


  1. I am ever proud, my friend.
    I paused to study your magical use of words in the middle stanza of To belong. I don't know how to do it. You tell volumes of stories so beautifully and succinctly, and they are stories everyone can relate to.

    Love ya.

  2. Thank you dear Robyn. You are a wonderful friend. xo

  3. Hey Anthony, you get top billing in the webzine, with a short poem that strikes home, about what I am sure most of us do: stick to familar territory to avoid the dangers in the wider world.

  4. Great job Anthony! You work hard at your craft and your work deserves to be published.


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