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Video poem - Serrated, are the lies

Forgiveness is rarely sought by the guilty.


This poem was written purely as a straight poem towards the beginning of 2012. In May I came across submission guidelines for an audio poem through Overland. I made an audio version of this poem and another one, City, heat over water. Though the content is the same, I narrated it. The backing soundtrack was also very different to what appears here.

Unfortunately it was rejected. So was the other one.

I submitted it to two other publications as a straight poem. You can guess it's fate. There are many reasons for rejection. Not suitable for the publication, the wrong style, etc. And I'm not yet a name so the unknowns are the first to go. Personally I think it has merit but didn't want to subject it to the usual turnstile of submitting.  It doesn't mean I gave up. I have dozens of poems out at the moment, including the other one I mentioned. For some reason I wanted to make a video poem out of it. So here it is. 

(By the way, Pinocchio was the first film I ever saw at the cinema. Needless to say, it wasn't first run or second or third, but it did make me a little scared of lying). (As I type this, my two year old is watching Ponyo, a Japanese updated version of Pinocchio. What does it all mean?)

Coming soon,

A short story, Two men
An addition to the series Greatest Written Films
An essay on Show vs Tell in Fiction
and of course, more poetry.