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Poem - When you’re staring down the barrel and there’s nowhere else to look

Still from (film?) by Director Hirokazu Koreeda 

When you’re staring down the barrel and there’s nowhere else to look


I want to die
In my arms
Though I cannot trust them
More than any other
I want to die
Over and over
In the throwing of all
To one side
Caution and protocol

Deserve to be sent to the stars
And leave us earthly ones
To our pain and folly
In the hope of something new
To embrace
And if not
Let the plunge take me
Where I fall.


Dark corners
And late nights
Separated into fragments
Spread across time
The minutes slipping
The hours
my friend
and enemy
If only you could understand.

Is it better to be alone
And misunderstood
Than crowded
And misunderstood.
At least self-pity
Carries a certain type of warmth
And yes it may be flimsy
But it’s a blanket you can wrap around
All the way to the end.

So if it’s really time,
Then toss your farewells to the universe
Even though no one will remember or reply.
But you know this,
Yes, this
And that’s the only reality
You can rely on.

Until …
… in time…

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