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BOTTOMLESS RIVER - Back Cover... First look.

The Preliminary Version

The final version has been decided upon and is not too dissimilar to this, but it's worth a look. 
Does it entice you as a reader?

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  1. Yes, it entices me and looks great - the colors, the photo and the way the photo's framed. I'm intrigued by the story too. Great job, Anthony.

    And SORRY, I hate to be a nit-picker but should it read "sets in motion" vs "...motionS"?


  2. I prefer it to the previous cover, the blue is now no longer a border to the photo, the photo is now more of an insert. Perhaps the book's title could be bigger.

  3. Thanks for your opinions guys. I appreciate it, and for picking the typo Robyn. I'm pretty certain that its fixed now, but now I'm paranoid so off for another look. ;)

  4. Looks Great Anthony!
    What a fantastic blurb too!
    I must admit I am a fickle reader and if the blurb doesn't grab I usually don't grab it ;)
    Maybe the title could be a little bolder but really it looks excellent!!


    1. Thanks so much for your thoughts Rebecca... The final result looks a little different. The publisher simplified it, so I'm happy. :)


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