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Video Poem - The Way it Was

Shot in the small town I grew up in.

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  1. ..the world became complicated and uncaring...
    Its beautiful. Its honest. Its true. That's how it connects with me. I love it.

    Thanks for sharing Anthony.


  2. It's beautiful. I'd like to learn how to do the video and record my voice reading my poems, hehe :) It won't be as lovely as yours I can tell you that :)

    Anthony, my blog has a new address and it is on my profile. Thank you Anthony.

    1. I'm not sure if I had told you, I think I had and you have visited my new place. Or maybe it was in my dream.

    2. Thank you oceangirl.. I'm pretty sure you can learn..its not that hard..though not crazy about my voice... :)
      And I think I have checked out your new blog..but I will !

  3. I think you say all there is to say about life in this short, beautiful, somber piece, Anthony. You have a wonderful voice, too. Very well done.

    Be well.

    1. Thank you Robyn.. very somber.. ;) Still not crazy about my voice but thank you..

  4. I can feel your heart in this! Wonderful!

    Dolly S

  5. As I started watching I thought you had chosen an inappropriate opening image of a muddy river, for the words about clear water and seeing fish - but then your words changed. That river reminded me of the Ovens near Wangaratta, very brown and full of fallen trees. They used to clear the snags out, to beautify rivers, but fish live in the snags, so they don't clear them anymore, which actually makes the rivers, to me, look more ugly, although they might be healthier. So clear waters might be just as deceitful.

    Good poem though. Black and white has become grey. The world seems a lot muddier place than when I was a kid. Ignorance is bliss. Too much misleading or false information out there now. Too many people determined to be right, no matter what the cost.

    1. Thanks so much Graham. I didn't know that about the snags. Doesn't seem to be any more snags in the Goulburn from when I was a kid.. just seems dirtier..

      Cheers for the feedback. Being an adult is complicated.

  6. I know that bridge, I know that river. It was clearer when I first came there. It is as you say things are always clearer in your younger and youthful days. It was the way it was. It is now muddy and dirty and not clear as life seems to be as it goes along to its older state.
    You have done well again. Subject and location. The poem suited your voice or your voice suited the poem.

  7. How beautiful and sad at the same time! It's the same everywhere. the river by my home doesn't have any life left in it and it's muddy. In spite of the regular cleaning she is getting. I hope to see it as it was again. But it would take a miracle. I miss the fish and the frogs. I won't go as far as missing the snakes and moskitos! lol! But then again we never were hurt. Now is hurting. Thank you! Much Love!


    1. Hi Arielle - thanks so much for dropping by. I agree! Don't miss the snake either.. saw quite a few along those banks.. :)

  8. Memories of a childhood past live with us for ever.

    When did the magic disappear?

    Exactly Anthony. Where did the magic go?

    It's interesting how our perceptions of our childhood are now reflected upon with adult eyes and we realize that the pure innocence of our childhood is no more.

    We know better now. As adults we view the world with open eyes, "the magic is gone..."

    Thank goodness childhood innocence is temporary. We are lucky that we mature and become adults, and with sweet grace we discover our mortality, and the world around us is no longer a fairy tale. The world around us is full of wonder and there is harmony and danger all at the same time.

    We survive as best we can.

    Well said Anthony.


    1. ....and well said in response Gina.... rose coloured glasses (is a luxury) that perhaps we all don from time to time.
      Though there is delight in each age, and disappontments too. Perhaps a post or poem for another time.

      Thank you for dropping by.


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