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A beginning beckons

Tunnel of Love - Ukraine. Photo by Oleg Gordienko

Hi and Happy New Year.

I just wanted to begin the year by saying thank you to those who drop regularly, and to those who don't, well I hope you drop by more often. I try to post once a week. Family, work and my own creative writing and video projects prevent me from committing to more than that, especially as I try to post original content, such as poetry, short stories, film reviews etc, though I know many people put in a lot of work to traditional blogging, whatever that is.

So what I want to ask is this; what would you like to see here more or less of this year?  I like posting poetry as it's short, doesn't demand a lot from the reader and expresses my creativity. Yet, I'm open to ideas.

As it happens, I just received proofs of my novella, BOTTOMLESS RIVER, which is very exciting. Apart from a few poems and stories, this will be my first official publication. Let's hope this is the beginning of a career of sorts, though the industry is in a spin right now, so it's tough out there. I hope you'll follow me on my journey, (hence the top photograph).

I also hope you're doing well, in your projects, hobbies, relationships and that life is treating you good as it can be the opposite and if so, that this is a year of change, and excitement and love and happiness for us all.