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Poem - A Missing Link

A Missing Link

Please help us with our enquiries
We are curious
We are fearful
We are keeping an open mind

Was never quite active enough
Yet still missing in action
And has been for some time
(elusive time)

Have you seen anything out of the ordinary?
In the vicinity?
Anything at all?
We are taking our mind for a fast walk
In order to jog our memory.
Yet the search goes on
We must continue to investigate
And we must always hope
God forbid
It is too horrible
To think the worst.

There is only us
There is only our voices
So we can never allow the trail
To turn cold

If you pray
Include us
Something like this
Should never happen again
Though we know it will.
What is the media campaign after all
But just another story.

The circumstances were terrible
Tsk tsk,
I know you’re glad it’s not you
All we are asking
Is to Never be forgotten

Now, where were we?

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