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Video Poem - Deliberate Strangers

Deliberate Strangers

Is it hard to know someone?


Alone but unique

This was the last video poem for 2011. I hope you got something out of this particular poem. If so, please let me know your thoughts.
I hope you've enjoyed what I've presented this year. I've tried to mix them up and I've enjoyed making them. They will return in January.

Next post,

the last in the series for 2011 of the Greatest Written Films.

Until then
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  1. So nice and so prolific, Anthony. I just enjoyed a third viewing. I loved so many gems in this: "All that matters is making the effort," "treasure trove of --" forgot what word you used but I really liked it. =) It's an accurate, palatable snapshot of human nature. The nature pictures matched really well, as did the music. Your voice is great too.

  2. 'So we go on.. misunderstood, strangers...' Beautiful!
    I loved it.

    Thank you for sharing Anthony.

    Zakii :)

  3. Thanks Zakii...thanks for watching and taking the time to comment.

    Thank you dear Robyn.. for rewatching too.. :) I shot this in tropical Far North Queensland back in March, knowing I'd like to so something with the images. Glad you got something out of it and that you can comprehend my Aussie accent.. lol


  4. Hi Anthony,

    North Queensland is very scenic.

    Regarding my following, I'm just being selfish. I was at 469 for what seemed like ages and was referring to that 9 in 69. Oh, I didn't mean to make a sexual innuendo. =-)I got the 1. Of course, now I want 30 more. Us Americans are so damn greedy.

    Be well.

  5. Good work. Very nice!

  6. This is well done Anthony.

    As I listened I couldn't help but wonder what this was leading to. It felt like an oratorio leading up to some kind of magnificent song or even perhaps, the opening of an olympic game.

    The background sounds; water, birds, leaves and a myriad of different things drew me into their complexities, and in all of this, I lost track of what you said. Maybe I need to listen harder?

    Another thing I noticed and that is the sound of your voice. I'm now wondering what it was you hypnotized me to do, lol - very soothing.

    Nice work Anthony!

    Gina :)

  7. I did look forward to this poem and was here. It is beautiful, the tone of your voice makes me a little melancholic with nostalgia :)

    So no more till next year?

  8. Thank you oceangirl, that's a beautiful comment, especially when I've been uncertain of my voice.

    They are time consuming to make but I will have a new one in January, which already, isn't far away.


  9. I liked the scenes with the ants. I often used to observe ants when I was a child and try to figure out how they communicate. Sometimes I would just find one or two ants and follow them they would often lead to a huge ants feast on some piece of trash.


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