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Facebook represents all that is bland in the world.

Facebook = bland = new world language.

You know it's all over when Darth Vader's online.

Facebook represents all that is bland in the world.

More than that, it represents the undeniable fact that the western world, soon to be the entire world, has become homogenised. Slowly, we have abandoned culture to embrace communication. And lost our identity in the process.

Go to any Western country now, and discover that there isn’t anything new to discover. Only the scenery is different. See how things used to be. Countries have to promote past traditions in order to entice tourism, when we all know that it’s an exaggerated front. The Austrians aren’t really wearing long white socks, yodelling and doing a jig on a mountain top. 

The Hills aren't this Alive.

The Dutch don’t really wear clogs. The Kiwi's aren't really shagging sheep (despite some evidence to the contrary). The Scots aren't all wearing kilts and demolishing black puddings by the Loch Ness monster load. You can get a burger and chips anywhere. And Aussies don’t throw shrimps on the barby. (We call them prawns for a start and would much rather fry up a snag (sausage) ).

Good on ya Paul!

Even accents are becoming pale. A generic language and culture that we can all understand.
It’s great that we’re all getting along, but at what price?
Over to you.

Run Forrest, Run!

This was my 99th post.

Next week, 
A reflection on 100 posts.

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Deliberate Strangers, the last video poem for 2011.

And in December, for the first time online, 
my 2004 short convict drama film, Irons.